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About Us

Ultimate Polygraph Solution is in essence a polygraph examination company that was established in 2008.
We can provide you (our valued client) with the most comprehensive and professional polygraph service in the country.
Ultimate Polygraph Solution can provide you with the services of internationally trained polygraph examiners.
Between our polygraph examiners we have years of experience in the administering of polygraph examinations as well as investigations and interrogations.
We have handled thousands of integrity screenings and solved innumerable specific cases (like the ones your are facing with) for our clients.
All of our polygraph examiners (permanent or contractual) are members of one or all of the following associations;
the American Polygraph Association (APA);
the South African Professional Polygraph Association (SAPPA)
and the British and European Polygraph Association (BEPA).
These memberships mean we are committed to the highest standard of polygraph techniques and practice within South Africa and the world.
State of the art computerized polygraph equipment is in use and you can always be comfortable in knowing that you will never need to doubt the integrity and professionalism of any of our examiners.
We at Ultimate Polygraph Solution are all dedicated to finding you the TRUTH.
Ultimate Polygraph Solution can provide you with the most comprehensive polygraph service on a provincial, national and international level.
Ultimate Polygraph Solution are dedicated to professional standards of the highest quality and the ethical and quality of work delivered will be evident in all we do, from the first consultation all through to the final report.
Ultimate Polygraph Solution’s rendering of a professional investigative and polygraph examination services are indispensable to business, attorneys, employers and private Citizens.
Our investigators and polygraph examiners are all thorough, discreet and efficient.